Technology is applicable is almost every industry you might think about. After all, it improves efficiency levels while also saving time. The healthcare industry has not been left behind with technology playing a vital role in improving the quality of services offered. Over the last couple of years, medical technology companies have been making the headlines by promising improved blood tests.

In fact, they promise new blood testing technology that is not only precise but also pain-free. Well, this is possible since they only need a single drop of blood when compared to the options we have at our disposal. But one might wonder how this new blood testing technology is even possible in the first place.  And will this new method mean faster and more accurate blood test results?

Even though it is not as life threatening as is the case with other medical emergencies, dealing with needles is a painstaking procedure that many patients have to make do with when running blood tests. Medical professionals have to gather multiple vials of blood to perform medical laboratory tests. This action is aimed at determining diseases, organ function and of course, pharmaceutical drug effectiveness.

Despite this, a high percentage of medical laboratory mistakes occur during the analytic phase of blood tests are as a result of faulty equipment and human-made errors. For medical professionals to offer accurate results while at the same time diminishing this error rate, then it is imperative that they use reliable equipment.

With the adoption of new blood testing technology, the equipment can be integrated with a high performance embedded motherboard that offers high computing power, data transfer options not forgetting communications capacity. In addition, less blood can be accurately analyzed with the process becoming less painful since only a small amount of blood is needed.

The Bottom Line

It is without a doubt that modern technology plays an important role in transforming the healthcare industry for the better. Thanks to new blood testing technology, you no longer have to worry about the pain that comes with blood collection. Nevertheless, technology keeps on changing daily and therefore we should expect more in terms of new blood testing technology.

Fortunately,medical technology companies are working day and night to make sure patients have a remarkable experience when visiting medical centers. This is just what medical professionals need to improve their level of efficiency.