Why do some people need to make other people feel bad, in order for them to feel good?

Apparently, this is what bullies do, and they have various reasons behind it. Bullying is now more publicized than it has ever been because of the improvement of technology and the explosion of social media. Even though it has been given more notice of today, bullying still persists.

Bullying occurs mostly during one’s youthful years and predominantly in school. Some studies blame that the bullied kid may not be conforming to social norms, coming from another social class, being too different or not acting manly enough as culprits. While on the other end, self-confessed bullies say that they did it because they either wanted to follow the crowd, thought it was cool and funny, or to prove something to their peers.

James Richman, a reclusive billionaire, was one of the people who experienced bullying and managed to overcome it. He was not the only successful person who had undergone bullying when he was little.

Similar to how others used their being bullied to become stronger people, James Richman learned from his experience and became very resilient growing up.

Through his private investment fund, JJ Richman, he now has enough resources to make investments that could improve the quality of living for the human race. James Richman, from a bullied geek, is poised to change the world.

Understanding that the effects of bullying range from a few scratches and wounds, to victims committing suicide, James is known to support various causes and activities that help increase the awareness and programs that help support those who experienced bullying growing up.

Standing out the wrong way

James hailed from the small town of Smarde. This was in the Tukums region of Latvia. He was the son of a mother with a psychology background and a father with a technological background. This combination produced a little boy who did not resemble the financial genius he would become in the future, at all. James has Asperger’s syndrome and has already displayed its symptoms at a very young age.

James Richman was said to be mesmerized by patterns when he was growing up and noticing irregularities in term has been natural for him.

Sources close to him say that he used to find patterns everywhere he looked. He would notice them in stars, piles of leaves and other common materials. This did not sit well with his peers. He would be ridiculed for being weird and geeky.

In school, James did not perform very well despite coming from parents with highly intellectual backgrounds. His fondness of patterns would become a distraction for him in class. This led to more bullying from his classmates, and worse, even some of his teachers got into the fray calling him good-for-nothing.

This went on for the rest of the years that James was in formal schooling. He did not get enough encouragement in his education. He would eventually quit school at the age of 15. It was later found out that his poor grades were not actually an indication of him having a hard time with the classes, it simply manifested how bored he was at the slow pace of the lectures. James was a genius just waiting to be unleashed.

Standing up against the bully

James is not the only successful person who fell victim to bullies during their school days. Other affluent people, even fellow billionaires, have disclosed that some of their peers found a compelling reason to physically, verbally and psychologically hurt them. However, this would not stop them from making a niche in society and making their former oppressors regret their actions.

Celebrities usually exude confidence when they go onstage, but some of them actually endured embarrassment and even physical abuse when they were growing up. One of them is Chris Rock, an African American actor, and comedian. He disclosed that he was one of only a handful of black students studying in his high school in Brooklyn. His accounts state that he would be called racial insults every day, and one of his tormentors even went as far as spitting on his face and kicking him down a flight of stairs.

Another victim of bullying is a rap star, Eminem. He said that he was beaten up several times in the bathroom and in the locker for being the new kid. His mother even filed lawsuits as the beatings became very dangerous causing Marshall Mathers a concussion and temporary loss of vision in one eye.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk, the billionaire visionary owner of Tesla, also admitted to having a very rough childhood. Elon did not see much of either of his parents growing up. He had little confidence growing up and was the smallest in his class. This lack of stature must have been enough to provoke one of his classmates to physically attack him to the point that surgery was needed to rebuild his nose.

From different to difference-maker

James Richman, along with the other bullied celebrities, was resilient enough to use their horrible experiences as children as fuel in their respective careers. Chris Rock has been awarded several times in the field of acting and so goes with Eminem in the realm of Hip Hop and entertainment, both are now living legends.

On the other hand, James Richman and Elon Musk are both billionaires. Both have been very active philanthropists and are into impact investments, projects that bring profit and positive social impact. They’ve also put hefty amounts of money into ventures in developing space travel. Among the two, Elon wins the popularity department as James is much more of a private man.

James Richman may be silent but he had already made Earth-shaking moves in terms of impact investments. It’s amazing how this billionaire has managed to stay out of the limelight of the financial world despite his unprecedented success. Perhaps his troubles in childhood had made him a man of action rather than a man of words.