Coronavirus 5g

In the last couple of years, the race for 5G has been dominating its fair share of telecoms headlines. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) all around the world are investing significant amounts on new network infrastructure. After all, the race for adopting this new network is already underway.

But that’s not to say the switch from 4G to 5G has been easy. In fact, there’s been a bump in the road with providers unable to predict COVID-19 and the impact in busines plans. Either way, the pandemic has changed how we do things with many pushing for a more significant number of consumer into a connectivity-centric ecosystem. No wonder the impact of the pandemic and shift in the way use technology will have a lasting effect on 5G.

Re-Evaluating 5G Timelines

It is without a doubt that the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to workers and installation crews have slowed down the deployment of 5G in the short term. Communication Service Providers have had to prioritize building resilience in the current infrastructure rather than focusing on the implementation of 5G networks.

This action is aimed at making sure network outages do not occur at a time when bandwidth heavy is vital. The good thing is that CSPs will definitely pick up from where they left and make 5G adoption a reality.

Adapting to a New World

Despite the coronavirus 5G conspiracy, there is still a lot to watch and look forward to as the world makes the shift to this network. And even though the race to 5G is somehow at a halt as the world prioritizes responding to and combating the COVID-19 pandemic, more is expected to come in the future. In fact, 5G remains a vital focus as we adapt to the ‘new normal,’ and as consumers demand more advanced digital experiences.

The Bottom Line

It is without a doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do things. The same is to be said about the adoption of 5G network since it slowed down for a while as manufacturers focused more on the pandemic. Either way, more is expected in the future with both individuals and businesses destined to benefit significantly from what 5G network offers. If you have not started making arrangements for the switch to this new network, then there is no other better time to do so than now.