Shaker style kitchen cabinets are popular for many reasons. They have a classic design, one that recalls a simpler time in the past when craftsmanship took priority over flashy looks. At the same time, the clean lines of Shaker Kitchen Cabinets mirror the popular modern styles. Shaker cabinets are not made all the same.

While the look is simple, the construction should be high-quality, not only a classic look but old-world construction methods and quality. When shopping for shaker kitchen cabinets, there are a few simple ways to know if you are getting the best product that will serve your purpose in kitchen for a long time. Read below.

Construction Method Is The Key To Quality

One of the key factors in finding thy best shaker kitchen cabinets are the cabinet construction. The shaker design is simple but it’s more involved than a flat single slab of wood. The typical shaker look is a flat door with simple rectangular framing.

Many Shaker Kitchen Cabinets doors are multiple piece construction. All wood can warp. The key is to use the right combination of process and material to minimize it. quality cabinet construction doesn’t stop at the cabinet door face.

Finding The Best Price, While Not Sacrificing Quality

When it comes to finding the best price, look for a company that delivers quality and affordability with its ready to assemble kind of shaker kitchen cabinets. With a ready-to-assemble cabinet, you can save a lot by simply pitching in with the assembly process. These cabinets also help streamline delivery as a flat packing shipping takes up less space than fully assembled cabinets. Now, some people may wonder if assembling cabinets is right for them.

These cabinets give consumers a choice that lowers overall costs. The best part is that you don’t have to be a skilled cabinet maker to assemble them. While RTA cabinets are a great project for many homeowners, they also are ideal for budding do-it-yourself. If you decide to follow the RTA route, plan accordingly. Make sure you gather the necessary tools.

Bottom Line

Are you ready to upgrade your living space with the clean, modern yet the traditional look of shaker kitchen cabinets? Take your time and look at the different shaker style cabinets to learn about the different finishes available. Make sure you select cabinets with the best quality and affordable prices.