Watches have indeed earned reputation for their strong build and long-lasting durability. This is not by accident, but watches are purposefully built to withstand the harsh conditions of a blustery day, the brutal sun and the inevitable wear and tear brought by salt and humidity.

If you buy the perfect watch, it can possibly hang tough no matter what you put it through and if cared properly your genuine leather watch strap can last a long time too. Therefore, these are some of top tips recommendations for caring for your leather watch strap.

How to Stop Leather Watch Straps from Smelling

Many people wonder how they can stop their leather watch straps from smelling. And so the first step a person needs to ensure is to probably give it a break. Because it’s so skin-like, your leather strap watch can easily absorb the sweat and dirt that are inevitable when you wear it regularly.

If you don’t allow it to breathe, the pores in the leather may likely trap odors. Sometimes, all your band may need is a little time to chill out and so leaving it on your nightstand overnight should do the trick for you. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to take off your watch when you’re bathing. You can as well clean your strap to remove trapped dirt and odors.

Soften Leather Watch Straps

Because leather is porous, it can absorb oil over time and become more flexible. So, you can apply a leather oil or conditioner to your strap watch but you should never do so too frequently and don’t use a large quantity. When it comes to conditioning your leather strap, less is more.

In addition, this conditioning process can be beneficial as it prevents cracking of the leather something that occurs when your leather strap losses its natural lubricant. You need to note that using leather oil may darken the leather color slightly. So, you’ll need to check what your conditioner product says about darkening and then spot test on the underside of the strap first.