Whether you use your PC for work or leisure, extended time at your desk typically requires ergonomic equipment for your comfort and safety. Although many people take this for granted, a non-ergonomic setup can cause headaches, neck pain, back pain and even wrist pain. However, all these can be avoided if you take your time to select the right desk accessories.

Moreover, having a good monitor desk mount setup is essential as it protects you against the discomfort caused by sitting at your computer for too long. Nevertheless, it probably takes some legwork to find the perfect mount that will suit your setup. So, keep reading to find out what you might need to know about buying the best desktop monitor mount Singapore.

Dual or More Monitors

Rather than purchasing multiple mounts for more than one monitor, you can alternatively think about choosing a dual or triple monitor desk mount to fit all your screens. Dual and triple monitor mounts contain more weight by default, since two or three monitors are quite heavier than one. Plus, most of these monitors come with an individual weight rating per arm. For this reason, you can easily tell if your monitor will safely fit you.

Furthermore, these desk mounts are particularly designed in a way that it can accommodate two to three monitors. Therefore, if you use an extra monitor or two to get your work done faster or even progress faster in game, you can probably have them all on the same mount.

Height Matters

When looking for a monitor mount, your height should be given much consideration if you want to get one that will effectively fit you. A typical monitor mount might work effectively for most people. But if you’re quite tall let’s say over six feet in height then you may obviously need a tall arm monitor desk mount to get the most ergonomic setup.

Actually, the other setups can be stressful for your tall height as they might lead your gaze downward to match the monitor’s height which could in turn cause neck or eye strain and even back pain. As a result, it’s very critical you look for a tall or extra tall monitor mount that can accommodate your height. This could also mean looking for a monitor mount with a center pole of 39 inches or more.