With most people now working from home, you’ll be forced to forgo that morning trip to your favorite coffee shop. This does not mean you should leave alone your morning beverage since you can now enjoy a hot cup of the best Colombian coffee from the comfort of your couch. But what if you’ve never had the chance to make coffee at home?

Fear not though since you can make better coffee at home without going through a lot. Before doing anything else, you ought to be fully aware of what ‘better’ really means. You might have the best French press coffee maker but this does not mean everyone will love your coffee. To cut the long story short, there’s no single right cup of coffee for everyone, but rather the best version of what you love.

So start by figuring out what you like after which you can improve on that until you achieve the desired results. And make no mistake, you may still find yourself spending days at the coffee shop simply because you want to enjoy your favorite cup of the best Brazilian coffee. Nevertheless, you should still enjoy a great cup at home in case coffee shops disappear.

Good Coffee Beans

When it comes to preparing your favorite beverage, you need to start with good beans. Of course, you can opt for the best espresso coffee beans; the choice is entirely up to you. This does not imply you should break the bank on rare beans crapped out by a civet. To be on the safe side, start with the most obvious grade.

The best ground coffee should have a shelf life of less than a week. However, the ground coffee you find in the supermarket will probably have been on the shelf for longer than that. No wonder it would be better for you to buy whole-bean coffee before grinding it.

Choose the Right Coffee Maker

Simply because your friend or colleague is into the best pour over coffee maker, it does not mean you should use the same. Keep in mind we all have different taste and preference and things are no different when it comes to coffee. So before you rush into getting the best single serve coffee maker, be sure it’s exactly what you need. Through this action, you’ll never regret your decision after making the necessary payments.