When buying a new home for the first time, there are probably many exciting things to learn about. And you might even forget about your HVAC system in the process. It’s for that reason that it’s essential to get into good habits right from the start.

If you start off taking great care of your HVAC system from the beginning, you can absolutely help it stay in good condition for quite some time. As a result, you might consider up for a preventive maintenance contract. This is indeed a smart move since you can trust an HVAC professional to take care of your system. With that said, below are a few HVAC maintenance tips for the first-time home buyers.


Keep Your Condenser And Coils Clean

The condenser is normally one of the most important parts of an air conditioner and if it breaks it can be quite expensive to fix. Therefore, to keep it in good working condition you have to make sure it’s kept free from debris. And the best way to do this is to keep the areas around your indoor and outdoor units as clean as possible.

You also have to check on the color of the flame your furnace is putting out more often. If it’s a blue color then the unit is in good condition but you should contact a residential HVAC profession immediately it produces either yellow or orange color. The expert can either clean or adjust it to get it back to its normal blue color.

Know Your HVAC System

If you’ve purchased an HVAC system for the first time, it very crucial to ensure you learn everything concerning your unit. The more you get to know about your residential HVAC system, the better you’ll be able to tell when something goes wrong with it. And the faster you can tell when something is wrong with your unit, the easier you can have it fixed before it results to more serious problems.

Sealing the doors and windows in your home can as well keep out the drafts during cooler months. This in turn helps your furnace to work less often and in turn reduces the overall wear and tear on the system.