When planning a wedding event or party, it would be better to add something different to the program. This does not come as a surprise since everyone expects the event to be memorable. If you are planning to take your event to the next level, then it would be better to go for an ice cream van hire. There good news is that there are a couple of companies out there you can rely upon. All it takes is for you to look for a reputable company and you are good to go. In this article, we will examine some of the most frequently asked questions when going for an event ice cream van hire.

What is the Difference Between “Soft serve ice cream” and “Mr. Whippy” Ice Cream?

One of the things that you have to deal with involves choosing between ‘soft service ice cream’ and “Mr. Whippy” ice cream. For those who might not know, ‘soft serve ice cream’ comes in a cone from an ice cream van since they are made and freshly dispensed by a machine. So what is the difference between Mr. Whippy and soft serve ice cream? The answer is “Nothing.” Mr. Whippy is just a name used by ice cream makers in the world.

What Can I Hire a Dorset Ice Cream Van For?

To many people, a Dorset ice cream van hire will only come in quite handy when having a wedding event or party. However, this is not really the case since you can use it in a number of events. Some of the most notable events include wedding receptions, corporate events, proms and sports day, street parties, music, food and family festivals to mention a few. You should however look for an event ice cream van hire company having a large fleet. With such a company, it will prove quite easy in meeting all your demands.

Do Your Ice Cream Vans Have Food Hygiene Certificates

Hygiene is of great importance especially when it comes to food. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to find out more regarding the hygiene before opting for a wedding ice cream van hire. A reputable company should always treat food, vehicle and personal hygiene very seriously. The staff should also have undergone and passed a Data and Barring Service Check (DBS). With such certifications, you will always be confident with what they have to offer.

The Bottom Line

When looking for a Dorset ice cream van hire company, it would be better to choose the best there is. This means examining all the options available at your disposal before settling on one. For those who are still finding it hard, you can consider paying a visit to fatsamsicecreams.co.uk. Whatever the event you might be planning, Fat Sam’s Ice Creams will always be there. To make it even better, they serve a high quality, award-winning ice creamfrom Marshfield farm made using locally sourced ingredients. You are therefore never going to regret your decision.