It is the desire of every coffee lover to make the best Starbucks coffee or the best Lavezza coffees at home. Unfortunately, only a few are able to pull this off successfully considering a couple of things go into the coffee brewing process. This does not mean you should skimp away from it since you can always prepare the best coffee at home provided you understand how to go about it.

Before rushing into buying the best Mr. coffee espresso machines, here are some of the mistakes you should never make when preparing coffee at home.

Not Prioritizing the Grind Size to Your Brew Style

By now you need to be aware of the fact that different styles tend to require dissimilar grind sizes. Some might wonder why this is so? Well, the extraction rate of coffee grounds is always highest when they happen to be more finely ground. If this is not enough, finely ground coffee beans increase the duration it takes water to pass through the grounds. So to get good value for your money after buying the best kona coffees ensure you match the grind size to your brew style.

Not Measuring Your Coffee

Adding to much coffee is going to make your brew strong, right? Even though there is some truth in this, using too much can end up resulting in sour flavors. Worse, you’ll only be wasting good beans. This is something you never want to make do with especially after spending a lot of money in buying the best Cuban coffee beans.

If your main intention is preparing stronger coffee, then it would be better for you to buy a lighter roast rather than adding extra grounds. Keep in mind there’s so much caffeine for you to extract from your coffee beans before ruining the flavor.

Final Thoughts

The simplest mistakes you do will make it hard for you to prepare the best coffee liqueur. Be sure to learn from your mistakes and those made by your friends or colleagues when brewing coffee. In fact, this is the only way you’re going to prepare the best cup of coffee without having to go through a lot. Fortunately, you can always leverage the internet in this regard thus understanding what it takes to prepare the best cup of coffee and start your day on a high.