Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can be used to find out how much oxygen is used by a healthy person and any cardiac patient. This information has been received in a study.

Researchers at the Lawson Health Research Institute and the Sedars-Sinai Medical Center in the United States said that a major cause of death in the Western countries is also low flow of blood to heart muscles. At present, for clinical trials available to measure blood flow to the heart, such radioactive chemicals or contrast agent is required to be transmitted in the body through injection, which will replace the MRI signal and detect the disease.

There are small but many dangers in this test and patients with kidney disease are not recommended to do such tests. Frank Preto of the Lawson Health Research Institute said, “This is a new way. It is not necessary for the cardiac functional MRI (CFMRI) to be inserted into the body inside the needle or through the injection. ”

“It reduces existing risks and can be used on all patients.” Preto said, “In our quest it is found that we study the activity of the heart muscles. You can use MRI. “