Linda Mandarin is an outstanding Chinese language university that offers quality Mandarin courses for all interested language learners. You will be able to perfect the Local language in Singapore with excellent teachers and a wide range of programs online.

At our school, we make sure all our kids are learning in Mandarin by local and professional teachers. Our teachers also are compassionate to help you learn another language and make each class an enjoyable experienceYou can be sure that teachers at Linda Mandarin can explain any issues you may have during the courses since they are proficient in the English language, Our classes are conducted based on accredited courses produced by Hanban, China, in order to ensure that our students learn Mandarin properly.

We offer complete Mandarin language courses for all ages as a highly qualified Chinese Language School that meet your need for learning. Our Chinese courses consist of private group, intensive, and business programs, as well as children’s courses.

In addition, in order to meet your academic needs, we teach Mandarin courses to HSK Mandarin and IB level. Just contact us today to learn about our courses and how our services can help you learn Mandarin.The educational training center to choose if you want to learn the Mandarin language in Singapore.

Linda Mandarin is the educational training site you should choose if you want to learn Mandarin in Singapore.You learn practical communication skills to hear, speak, read and write Chinese with our comprehensive lessons. Since we want our students to understand the language more effectively, courses with role – playing sessions are interactive and dynamic.

Linda Mandarin courses are qualified for SkillsFuture credits that make them a good choice for Singapore Chinese course. SkillsFuture credits are tax credits that allow Singaporeans to proceed inspiring themselves through the development of new skills in eligible speech courses. With SkillsFuture credit you can now learn Chinese without being worried about astronomical costs for the eligible classes from Linda Mandarin.

There are a wide range of Mandarin courses for you to be had at Linda Mandarin, Singapore. Corporate organizations wishing to send their personnel for coaching and persons can benefit from our lessons.