The vast majority of businesses in Singapore are leveraging Facebook when it comes to running their marketing campaigns. Even though it has had its own share of controversies, there is more to Facebook marketing than you might be think. No wonder some businesses struggle to get the most from this social media platform.

Of course, they are not to blame since it entails a lot of things. Luckily enough, we are here to help you get started. Below are two tips for running a powerful Facebook campaign for your business without going through a lot.

Choose the Right Category for Your Business Page

First up, you need to create a business page rather than a personal profile for you to stand a better chance of getting the most from Facebook. Keep in mind you are going to create your profile under a specific category from the six options available. In most cases, you are better off opting for the local business or brand categories. It is then that you can have a better idea of your progress once you create a landing page from Facebook.

Create an Email List

When it comes to gauging their success on this platform, most businesses would rather create an email list. One thing you ought to keep in mind is that the list is not only limited to sending emails since you can also create Facebook lookalike audiences. By this we are simply implying to a custom audience whose interests and demographics are similar to that of your existing customers.

To reap maximum benefits, you need to dissect your existing customers and search for communalities. It is then that you can leverage this massive flow of data to connect while at the same time finding your highly qualified users. That’s just what you need to attain business success.

The Bottom Line

There is more to running a powerful Facebook marketing campaign for your business than you might think at first. To have an accurate measurement of your success, it is in your best interest that you work with professionals. By this we are simply implying to hiring a reputable Facebook marketing agency in Singapore to run your campaign. To offer a helping hand, be sure to visit MediaOne Marketing official website today and find a Facebook campaign agency here without going through a lot.