Paulus Heule

Are you planning to hire a property management company? Or maybe, you heard about them from your friends and you want to know more about what they have to offer? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you have definitely come to the right place.  In this post, we will cover some of the most notable services offered by reputable property management companies like Eenhoorn. Be sure to check with the company you wish to work with before you can make your the decision of hiring them.


Quite a number of property management companies are fond of separating the leasing activities from their day-to-day operations. As you may already know, the main aim of most property managers is to keep you property rented with good tenants. However, it will not kill to hire a property management company that combines both these two. As a precautionary measure, it would be better to work with a highly experienced company since you will definitely get good value for your money. A good example of such a firm is Eenhoorn LLC under the leadership of Paul Heule.


Rent Collection

It is without a doubt that rent collection is of among the most essential services of a property management company. You should make sure the lease dictates when the rent is due and the grace period offered before late-fees kick in. If the property management company is making use of management software, tenants will be required to pay online. Under no circumstances should rent be collected in cash as it will only lead to more issues in the future. So, make sure you reach an agreement with your property manager if the both of you are to have an easy time when working together.

Property management companies have a lot to offer to the real estate industry. This does not mean you should work with any company you come across since some are only interested in making profits for themselves. Take your time and examine what each agency has to offer and you will certainly find the best there is. Alternatively, you can consider relying on the services offered by Paul Heule’s property management company. Be sure to ask any question you many have in mind before agreeing to their terms and conditions. After all, there is no way you can work with a company you do not trust.