The Seiko Marinemaster remains a fundamental part of Seiko’s growth as a brand. This series showcases what Seiko has to offer in the world of luxury watches. Actually, it is one of the main reasons why Seiko remains a big player in the world of dive watches. After all, their timepieces are designed to serve you for years to come despite being available at an affordable price.

But just because you’ve invested in a Seiko dive watch, it is not to say you should skimp on proper care and maintenance. In fact, this is something you should never skimp on at any particular time if you are to get good value for your money. That said, here are some of the things you should do to increase the lifespan of your Seiko Marinemaster dive watch.

Swimming in the Sea

After using your Seiko Marinemaster watch in sea water, ensure you wash it in fresh water. At no time should you place the watch in its storage area without thorough cleaning since the salt water can end causing numerous complications. So, wash the watch after which you should dry it with a soft cloth.

However, never wash your water resistant dive watch while the crown is pulled out. Furthermore, you should avoid washing it directly under sink water but rather use still water in a container or sink. It is then you won’t worry about causing damage to one of your most viable assets.

Turn the Crown

It is highly advisable that you turn the crown of your Seiko Marinemaster diver watch from time to time. This action is aimed at making sure you prevent corrosion of the crown. Better, it serves as the perfect way to maintain the flexibility of the gasket. If your dive watch happens to have a screw-in crown, then you should screw down the crown carefully to prevent moisture from getting inside the movement.

The Bottom Line

How you care and maintain your Seiko Marinemaster diver watch determines whether it can serve you for years to come or not.  Fortunately, any reputable United States official store for watches will be more than ready to help you get the most from your diver watch. One such watch dealer is the renowned H2 Hub Watches. Visit any of their outlets or their official website to find more before deciding on anything.