The waxworm is an incredible feeder insect that serves numerous purposes rather the common feeding of our beloved reptile pets. Even though it is the caterpillar larvae of a wax moth, a waxworm is very versatile to both human and animal life. Their name comes from the ability to eat beeswax, with beekeepers referring to them as pest given that they feed on the wax used by honeybees. That aside, in this post we will take you through some of the measures you need to put in place when planning to take care of waxworms.

  • Housing

Arranging the housing of waxworms is not too demanding of a task. As long as you have the right equipment in place, then they are certainly going to thrive. You should however not be paranoid when arranging the housing since they are fond of eating plastic. Luckily, glass, metal or a thick hard plastic container can keep these buggers in at all times. For breeding purposes, you need to add 75-100 waxworms per 100g of bedding. The secret lies in choosing a container that is not too soft since they can easily chew through thus getting out quite easily.

  • Maintenance

With waxworms, you only have to keep the container in a dark and well-ventilated area. To avoid tampering with the airflow, it would be better to cover the container using a paper bag. As for the temperature, you need to maintain it between 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep in mind most refrigerators are too cold to keep them in, but the refrigerator door is a little warmer and may work just fine. However, it is always better to carry out a detailed research regarding the maintenance by checking out sites such as topflightdubia.com. Through this action, you will have a clear idea of what is expected of you.

  • Substrate

To provide these buggers with comfort and warmth while at the same time feeding them, you can consider making dual-purpose waxworm bedding. You need to cover the entire base of your mixing container using uncooked oatmeal, bran or even wheat germ. It is also important to add honey to the container in order to make this a crumbly, thick paste. If you are running on a low budget, then it would be better to make 90% of the required honey with corn syrup. Remember to allow the bedding to dry completely before you can finally add it to the waxworm container, up to an inch deep.

The Bottom Line

As long as you understand what is expected, it will prove quite easy for you to take good care of wax worms. Luckily, you can always visit Topflightdubia if you need clarification on something. You can then use the buggers in nourishing your favorite pet but you should never feed them too much.  Remember, breeding your own colony of waxworms is much cheaper when compared to buying them before you can finally get to feed your reptile pet.