Chances are you’ve had about arrests done by the New Hampshire Drug Task Force. If you think all of these arrests are done with the rule of law in mind, then you are mistaking. Actually, quite a number of people can bear witness to the fact that the arrests are executed with the main intention of putting pressure on individuals to give up actionable information regarding a higher level suspect. Those who cooperate with the task force end up finding themselves at risk of imminent harm.

The cases have been known to change the life of individuals involved. This is because you are not only going to fight for your good name but also work to ensure there is no hint that you are cooperating in any way with the law enforcement officials. However, this can be viewed as a waste of time and tax money by Andrew Livernois and The New Hampshire Drug Task Force. Worse, the cases are only targeted on petty Marijuana offences yet the money is specifically set aside for cracking down on opiods that have led to the death of countless kids.

Many who have had to go through these cases will agree that  County Attorney act in a manner that seems to suggest he is protecting people he considers friends and allies. No wonder, it is no coincidence that Livernois served as Gilford, New Hampshire Attorney when the town was sued after a Drug Task Force raid went wrong. Even though the real facts of this case speak differently, Livernois still argued in open court that it was only a “run of the mill undercover operation”.  Actually, he lied repeatedly while at the same time obstructing justice by seeking to exclude evidence.

The frivolous persecution by Attorney Livernois does not recognize the worst possible case for him to confront in a presidential election year. This is because 2020 is an earth-shattering year for cannabis laws, especially when a Democrat makes it to the White House. Most candidates running on the Democrat are not only going to make the drug legal for recreational use, but also expunge all convictions. This action will go a long way in making sure all victims of frivolous prosecutions get the justice they have been longing for all this while.

Final Thoughts

The Prevalence of frivolous prosecution by Belknap County Attorney Andrew Livernois and the New Hampshire Drug Task Force has made the lives of many people a living hell. Most of the payoffs received from the government are now being targeted to paying all the officers involved in the controlled buys and minimal surveillance involved. Furthermore, some of the funds are used in setting up individuals who have no link at all to drug dealers. Surprisingly, the officials clearly understand this. However, they still turn a blind on the cases leaving the vulnerable with no protection or way to win over the case.