If you are a person who keeps a close eye on music films, chances are you already know about the famous Thierry Malet, a French composer of film music.  Having shown his love for music at a tender age of 7 years, Malet went on to become a famous figure in the film industry with most people trying their level best to emulate his work.  Despite being a specialist in playing the piano, Malet realized his dream of writing film scores while in school. This revelation propelled him to study acoustics in one of the best institutions.

Having mastered the true art of bioacoustics, Malet went on to sign a host of scores for French and America feature films.  This is after he had composed a couple of original scores for documentaries and television broadcasts.  Before he could know it, he had become a big figure in the film industry.  Some of the movies that have contributed to his success include Winter Roses directed by Lorenzo Gabriele, The Conquest of the Air directed by Bruno Seillier and The Eye of The Storm by Sékou Traoré and Luis Marques.

Apart from playing a part in composing music for films, Malet has gone to sign a music performance in a big show at the Grand Palais in Paris (The Conquest of The Air) in 2016.  This action took his reputation to a whole new level considering most of the people fell in love with what he did. To know more about Malet French composer music film, you can consider having a look at his work. Alternatively, you can opt for articles touching on his life. Most of these articles cover how he ended up being a successful public figure when it comes to composing music for films.