Ferrari watches were specifically designed to reflect Ferrari’s brand value, brand technology and taste in Italian fashion. Whether you want a classic design or modern and stylish timepieces, then you will get exactly that. The problem, however, sets in when you want to make an informed purchasing decision for a new Ferrari watch.

If you’re not a watch expert, purchasing from a United States official watch retailer or directly from Ferrari boutique, you run the risk of purchasing a fake watch. The sale of pre-owned timepieces has skyrocketed over the last couple of year, mostly due to savings. However, buying a pre-owned Ferrari watch comes with an inherent risk of buying a fake, or replica.

In this post, we share two vital tips on how to tell a fake Ferrari watch from a real one.

Request for Documentation

When buying a new Ferrari watch, always remember to ask for documentation before making the necessary payments. Every Ferrari watch is accompanied by a unique warranty with a seal on its surface. Ensure the Ferrari timepiece you intend to buy is accompanied by this warranty documentation to make sure you’rereceiving the real watch. Furthermore, confirm the serial number unique to every Ferrari timepiece.


You certainly know what they say about something being too goo to be true, right? Well, that is the case when it comes to Ferrari watches. If you happen to be shopping around for a certain Ferrari model such as the Scuderia Pilota 0830595 or the Scuderia Apex 0830748 and you see prices around the same range, be wary of a piece that is priced well below that. Such luxury watch dealers may be using the cheap price to lure unsuspecting customers into purchasing their fake Ferrari watches.

Final Thoughts

With the price that Ferrari watches fetch, you cannot risk going home with a fake or replica timepiece. Be sure to do your homework and find out more about the Ferrari watch model you want to buy before jumping to conclusions. In addition, you need to buy from a trusted dealer to ensure you get an authentic Ferrari watch.

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