In comparison with traditional refrigeration, you can face a lot of challenges while using commercial refrigeration.Since commercial fridges are opened by customers countless times, the quality and durability of the products should be the best. Moreover, these fridges should be able to keep the food items fresh even when stored in bulk quantities.

Reasons to choose True Refrigeration commercial fridge

Most people trust the True Refrigeration brand more than other providers because of their focus on creating supreme quality refrigeration systems. Here are the four common reasons you should choose true refrigeration:

  1. Trusted since 1945

Ever since the company started working on commercial refrigeration needs, people have shown their trust in the brand. From small independent businesses to large grocery store chain owners, everyone has liked their customer service and dedication to providing useful and energy-efficient fridges.

  1. Energy efficiency

Commercial fridges usually have to store food items in bulk quantity and need more power supply. However, if you use the fridge system provided by True Refrigeration, then the utility bills will be comparatively low.

As True Refrigeration brand has been around for decades, they know that their customers are looking for products that can be cost-efficient. Hence, they manufacture commercial fridges that require minimum maintenance costs and result in low utility bills.

  1. Long-lasting fan motors

Fan motors are an important component of the commercial fridge that can make your food items cool. Hence, they must be useful for years without the need to replace within a few years.

Do you know the normal lifespan of evaporator fan motors? They last for less than 3 years. But, the True Refrigeration fan motors are known for having a longer life. Generally, they last for more than 15 years.

  1. Quality and durability

One of the reasons you can trust that the quality of the True Refrigeration freezer units is better is the equipment goes through various testing. The company regularly updates the features and components to meet the needs of its customers.


We hope now you understand the main reasons to choose True Refrigeration fridges and why most restaurant owners trust the brand.