Have you ever wondered what it takes to run a successful business? In this lesson, we’ll learn about the value of excellent leadership and the impact it plays on a company’s success. The act of directing individuals in an organization toward a common objective is known as leadership. A leader is the most influential person in an organization, He/She is responsible for the motivation of employees. However, that’s not the only thing leadership is all about, Let’s find out more about leadership.

Leadership in organization

●       Directing employees

Anyone can become a leader, but leadership is an art that needs to be learned. Leadership starts with direct employees about goals. A leader must direct the staff regarding the work along with providing the necessary resources to achieve the goal.

●       Increasing morale

There may be times when the staff or employees don’t like the work or aren’t 100% into the work. A leader needs to possess leadership skills and increase the morale of the employees. A leader can do so by appreciating the work of employees, interacting more with them, and enjoying the work with them.

●       Creating a distinct vision

Without giving employees a clear vision, a leader cannot expect their full potential. A clear goal needs to be set. It involves persuading workers to comprehend and accept the organization’s future condition. By expressing the vision and the significance of their involvement in the conclusion, a competent leader can persuade employees to do their duty. Thereafter staff is more likely to follow.

●       Employee motivation

One of the basic functions of leadership is motivating the employees. A leader needs to maintain close contact with the employees or staff to understand when there is a need for motivation in the organization. Similarly, when there is a need, a leader needs to possess the ability to motivate employees.


The role of a leader is a skill that needs to be learned properly in order to become a successful leader. If you are the one struggling to become a competent leader, then you can check out franklincovey.com to understand more about leadership.