Progressive Web Applications or PWA are a clear trend in the field of the Internet and provide a number of previously unknown benefits, but let’s take a closer look at exactly what turns a “simple” web page into a Progressive Web Apps. Broadly speaking, PWAs are the next evolution in the technologies we use to access online content from our devices. With the increasing capabilities and advances of the browsers on our mobile first devices, it is easy to delegate to them much of the logic that an application requires.

Thus, we find them as an intermediate step between two worlds: that of web applications and that of native apps. This is where PWAs arise. Essentially, Progressive Web Applications are complex web applications. It is important to note that they have access to the native resources of the device such as push notifications, geolocation, camera, storage, etc. Of course, there are a number of elements that clearly differentiate what makes a web apps a PWA. All of such requirements give PWAs great benefits.

The first of these is to reduce the “friction” that is generated by forwarding a user to the App Store or Play Store to download an application and install it. Each step that we claim to be from a person is an irreparable increase in the percentage of lost users and, in this way, PWAs are immediately accessible, increasing the conversion rate. Another great advantage of PWAs is found in its update, since by consuming content directly from the web server, all applications are automatically updated as soon as they are reopened with an Internet connection.

This greatly reduces the resolution time for bugs or security problems by not needing to publish the PWA and its updates in the respective stores. This brings us to the next advantage, and it is its offline mode. The results when using the PWA are very promising, since all these advantages that, a priori, could seem to us only technical advantages, in practice revert to a highly optimized user behavior compared to a standard web application or a native mobile app. So, to get such a great app, you need to hire a professional services.